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The idea of No More Secrets came to me nearly three decades ago. At the time I owned a wholesale food distributorship and was a bachelor. All too frequently, one of my smaller restaurant clients would close its door forever. Often these restaurants would be one of my favorite dining spots, rescuing me from my own cooking. The demise of these restaurants was even more painful when they owed my company money. As an independent business person myself, it hurt to see them fail, knowing the owners might well lose everything they had.

Why did they fail? If they were one of my favorite dining spots, it certainly wasn't for lack of great food. One challenge for many small business owners is the size of the Tampa/St. Petersburg advertising market. We are the 13th largest television market in the country. TV, radio, and newspaper ads are prohibitively costly for all but the largest establishments. As a diner seeking out new restaurants, I was always frustrated by the choices in these advertising mediums. They were seldom the better restaurants, and frequently were chains which could spread out the high cost of the ads over many locations.

The first No More Secrets concept was that of a printed publication with mini reviews of restaurants, categorizing them by general location, type of food, and mood. No More Secrets sought out only those restaurants that offered something exceptional to the dining public, were noteworthy for their food and or value, uniqueness, or atmosphere. Frequently they were well known locally, but remained a secret in the larger market. I published this quarterly and distributed it throughout mid and upper Pinellas County. After several issues, retail shops were added to the publication. The transition to the web began in 1998.

The No More Secrets web site is currently being redesigned. In the meantime, I am actively looking for great secrets to expose. If you know of a great dining, shopping or entertainment find in the bay area, please let me know.

No More Secrets also offers several services to the business community. If your business has limited marketing dollars, we may be able to create some cost effective marketing strategies for you. Web design services will be available in conjunction with the debut of the redesigned No More Secrets web site. Additionally, No More Secrets - Germany currently offers German web site design, search engine placement and English / German translation.

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